Our Team

Name: Myles Banks


Born: Baltimore, MD 

Role: Producer/Owner

Myles is the Owner of Just Stunt Productions,  a video production company, created to inspire the masses through Motivation, Positivity and Faith. 

Just Stunt Productions, has produced commercials and other advertising content for several companies such as NBC coast TV, Chick-Fil-A Inner Harbor Baltimore, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Myles lives by a powerful quote; “No matter who you are or where you come from, you CAN be successful, but only if you put God first, and operate in what you are called to do.”


Name: Christian Vasquez

Born: Charlotte, NC

Role: Graphic Designer/Video Editor Intern

Christian's dream is to make an impact and connect with people through the art of filmmaking. As an editor, he assists in crafting such stories in collaboration with other aspiring filmmakers in the industry. A future goal of his is being able to create something to remember for many years, in hope to inspire others on their path towards their success in their careers.

Name: Aliyah Jackson


Born: Baltimore, MD


Role: Assistant Director/Video Editor Intern

Aliyah is a Senior Theatre and Psychology Double major at the University of Maryland College Park. She was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her dream after college is to pursue a career in film as an actress, script writer, and director and use her art as a platform to give underrepresented communities a voice.

Name: Parvathi Devi

Born: Fremont, California

Role: Production Manager/Video Editor Intern


Parvathi Devi is a film student from Fremont, California. Her dream is to work with creative people to create stories and experiences through film that change lives and bring new perspectives to the table. Parvathi has a passion for teamwork in filmmaking, and aspires to work in production management, coordinating talented individuals together to make impactful art.